I have a Marzocchi Z1, 30mm stanchion tube so it's prior to 2002. Used to race, then took off time to have babies, been riding again the last few years. Want to rebuild my folk and found the seals at Enduroforkseals.com. There are scratches on one of my stanchion tubes but having difficulty finding a replacement tube. Is it worth rebuilding? Should I just buy a new fork? What is a current equivalent of the Z1? I don't race DH anymore but love to ride single track and hit as many downhills that I can. Have ridden in Moab. Would appreciate any suggestions.

Being fairly small in size and stature, my bike has been good to me lasting as long as it has but it's starting to show the wear and tear. It's a Specialized FSR Comp from way back (square tube frame). Had to finally replace the pulleys in my XTR derailleur. And I know all the bushings need replacement. With kids and family, can't afford to replace too much at once.