I know absolutely nothing about how bikes work so please have patience with this old/noobie.

1. The front shock seems to be too springy especially when climbing. It was set by the LBS for my weight I presume but didn't pay attention. Which way do I adjust it for more pressure? Right or left?

2. I added Specialized ergo grips because I was getting hand pain but I'm still getting it. I've adjusted the grip angle up and down but can't get comfortable. It seems like the grips are too short for my X large hands as the outer pad part of my hand extends past the grip end a bit. Is there a bar end or aerobar that I could add to give me additional hand positions? Maybe a longer ergo grip or can the present ones be extended outward?

3. I have X large hands and the position of the gear shifters seem to be too close to my hands so I have to contort them a bit to shift properly. Can I simply move the shifters in a bit or would the shifter cables need to be adjusted?

4. I tend to slip forward on the saddle after a few miles and I'm sure that puts more pressure on my hands so I tipped the saddle front up a bit and moved it forward a bit and that seemed to help. I noticed that when I lock my arms out I stay perfectly on the saddle but I was told that I should have my arms slightly bent and let my core hold me in position. Maybe if the bar was raised I would be in a more upright position and thereby put less forward pressure on my hands????

Thanks so much for any and all advice.