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    Ross Eurotour 3 Speed Selector Cable

    I pulled an old Ross Eurotour 3 out of my basement to dust off and sell and the cable is not attached at the handlebar selector. I can't figure out how to re-attach it...any suggestions? See picture. Thanks.
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    I have one of those shifters, but it is on my daughters bike at college, so I'll do my best from memory. If you take the screw out and remove the cover, you should be able to replace the cable end into the hole in the lever. Watch for the ball and spring that holds the lever in position. On the hub, screw the bell crank onto the axle until it bottoms out, then back it out to align it with the cable, then attach the cable and remove the slack. To adjust the Shimano hub, put the lever in 2, and adjust the cable so that the N is centered in the window in the bell crank.

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