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    How to fit components to new frame

    I posted about the destroyed frame on my wife's 99 searcher here .. Wreck caused frame to bend. I would like to take what's still good off of here and put on a new frame. How do you know what from this bike will fit on which/what frame? Are all bb's sized the same where they will interchange? What about seat posts? I tried to put the seat post from the searcher on an older dyno, but it was too small and wouldn't tighten up .. so tried to swap it on my old trek 820 and it was too big! There is a number stamped on the shaft, is this a diameter? What about the fork and headset stuff, is that a constant size, or is there a secret to this, too? Of course, I have no idea where to find a frame that this stuff will work on, anyway.

    Quote Originally Posted by Shimagnolo View Post
    Time to go shopping for a frame;
    Surly, Soma, Gunnar, Salsa, etc...
    I looked at these web sites and get confused looking at the different frames since I can't see the "whole picture".

    Would something like this work?

    Or, just feel free to throw suggestions at me. I just hate to not use what's good from this bike, still. Which, is EVERYTHING but the frame!

    Thanks in advance.

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    Search is your friend. You have a lot of questions in your message. Be sure to check the box sort by relevance.

    As far as seat posts, they come in dozens of sizes, and almost all of them have a size stamped on them.

    If it does not have a size stamped on it, if you plan to do a bike rebuild yourself, you will need some good tools. Go to Harbor Freight and buy a digital micrometer, they cost about $10. Then you will be able to check the size on just about everything.

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