Yo all,

I recently purchased a near antique to commute around the city on. Its a 1990 Trek 950 Singletrack and it has a remarkably clean frame with just a little rust on some mounting bolts, etc. I was thinking about replacing the stem with a newer possibly adjustable one(as I don't think its original anyways) and/or getting some bars that aren't straight. Recommendations? What determines what will adapt/fit?

I was also thinking about getting another set of wheels that are maybe better/lighter and putting 1.5"s on some new rims since most of my riding will be on pavement. I initially was thinking about just buying new 1.5" tires and mounting on my existing rims, but thought if I wanted to ride off road trails it might be more of a PITA to switch tires than complete wheels.It has the original Matrix rims.Thoughts or recommendations?

Another thing I was debating is whether to eliminate the quick release seat/tire bolts. Most of the existing q-release hardware is whats rusty on the bike anyways. They function fine though. Good places to find them online/sizes? Worth it?-keep seeing bikes locked up w/no seat. Thanks.