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    New "G" springs in my Record shifter didn't work well

    I replaced the G springs in my right (rear) Campy 9 speed shifter. Originally, it shifted fine in the top 5 cogs, but on the smaller 4 cogs there was no distinctive clicking sound when shifting in both directions. Plus, it felt "mushy" while shifting through those gears. After replacing the springs, when I shift from through the gears from the largest cog to the smallest it feels like a brand new shifter. But, when I'm shifting in the other direction, it feels "mushy" in every gear and there is no distinctive click in every gear. What gives? This is the fourth lever I've done and I've never had this problem.
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    Depending on mileage, you might need a new Ergo gear. The notches in the Ergo might be worn more on one side. If you replaced the springs you'll see it's no big deal to do the gear. Good luck
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