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Thread: caad 9.5 bits

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    caad 9.5 bits

    I just got a 2 or 3 year old caad 9.5 from a friend, but it needs some tweaks for me.
    The cockpit is a little long and a little low for my comfort.
    I assume I'm going to be asking for headset spacers and possible a shorter stem?
    I would think I want C parts or doesn't it matter?
    Something I can do myself with mail order (I'm mechanically inclined) or better off at LBS?

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    hello a shorter stem is in order and perhaps one with a more upright angle. as for spacers? since your fork is likely cut and the steerer tube is just below the top of the stem you should not be adding spacers. if you can't get a more upright position change with a stem you may need a new fork.

    OH as for C'dale parts if your HS is standard 1 or 1 1/8" any parts will be ok
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