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    Stupid mistake installing a Campy UT crankset

    I'm building a bike from parts for the first time to learn how everything goes together to do all my own maintenance and because I enjoy building things. I picked up a Campagnolo UT Carbon Centaur crankset from Bonktown for $199 and installed it this morning. I had the right tools and the frame was faced by the builder, so it seemed straight forward. BB installed no problems. I got the cranks in and torqued the center bolt to the required spec, but had about 1/8" play between the two arms. Not good. I thought maybe I had the retaining clip in the wrong place and that was keeping the splines from meshing, so I pulled that out and retorqued and still had play. I had horrible thoughts like maybe my BB shell was too wide, but I looked at the instructions again and realized my mistake. I had put the center bolt in from the wrong side! Doh! I unscrewed it from the non drive side and reinstalled it in the drive side, torqued it down. Solid as a rock now...Phew!

    I also got the headset installed this morning without problems. The shifting system is going to be the real adventure!


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    Good. It's nice your "mistake" had no bad consequences and was easily corrected. Some aren't so lucky.

    Campy shifting is no more difficult to set up than Shimano or SRAM but, as with anything else, read the direction thoroughly BEFORE you pick up any tools.

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