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    Bar and other replacement

    I am working on a Fuji Supreme.

    It has a Nitto B111 road bar, Dia-Compe brake levers and stem mounted shifters. It has Dia-Compe caliper brakes. The levers have too much tarnish on them and I am not comfortable with a road bar.

    I would like to replace the bar and levers as inexpensively as possible, with may be a straight bar or a pursuit or moustache bar.

    What brake levers will I need to go with each choice and what is a good inexpensive choice? Not the steel Pyramid kind but a little better.;-)
    Do V brake levers work with caliper brakes?

    Is the pursuit bar the same dimensions as a cut off road bar? Looks like the ends are a little longer in a real pursuit bar.
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    A straight/flat/riser bar requires flat-bar/MTB brake levers. Make sure they are compatible with cantilever and caliper brakes; NOT V-brakes, which have a different cable pull.

    Pursuit or bullhorn bars work best with Tri or TT brake levers, which are inserted into the ends. These levers do not work as well in DIY flop-n-chop road bars because, as you mentioned, they lack the straight section at the end.

    Moustache bars work best with traditional road brake levers mounted at the curves--the ones you already have should work. There are also mustache-like bars made by Nitto that are meant to be ridden primarily on the ends and take MTB levers there.
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