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    RD Pulley/cage chain rub

    Recently I noticed my chain is rubbing against the cage on one side of my bottom pulley (9 speed Shimano 105 RD).
    It's not forceful, but definitely brushing it when I'm in a middle chainring - large cog combo; the chain is more centered in a middle-small combo.

    Only thing I noticed is that pulley wheel appears to have a lot of side to side play relative to the other pulley or the top pulley on my other bike (on that one I can push it side to side and can't get the chain to touch the cage). I stuck an allen key into the pulley hole and it appeared perfectly tight, not sure what else I can do - I've never taken a pulley off.

    Is it possible I'm barking up the wrong tree (rear derailleur alignment off?) or is it normal for these pulleys to wear out? This is original equipment, 5 years old probably ~40k miles.

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    Some play in the pulley is normal. I'd suggest having a bike-shop take a look at the derailleur's hanger alignment. It may be bent - but it's an easy and inexpensive fix. Even laying your bike down on the drive-side can do this.
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