I bought a wheelset with older style American Classic hubs on it, and there's a lot of wear in the freehub body. I figured that replacing the freehub body wouldn't be terribly difficult, and it was a nice wheelset for a nicer price, so I bought them.

Then, I called American Classic to attempt to order a replacement freehub body, and, lo and behold, my hub is the one style that they don't provide any replacement freehub bodies for. I figure there's likely a bunch of bike mechanics here, likely mechanics who work in shops that might have some of these older freehub bodies in stock they'd like to sell me. Anybody? Bueller?

Also, is there an alternate solution? Any ideas I'm not thinking of? I can't put a 10 speed cassette on this body, but can use the cable position B and a 9 speed cassette. I'd prefer being able to run this with a 10 speed cassette, but I'm perfectly happy with the wheels if I can get a replacement freehub body.

I've attached a picture of the rear hub, and a closeup of the worst worn part of the freehub body. I'm not hard on wheels - how much life do you think I can expect out of this before it busts all the way through?