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    centaur 2010 crisper shifting

    Hello People,

    Rumor went that for 2010 the upshift (right finger) for the centaur ergopower would be as distinct as for the 11 speed groups, now there is no feedback.

    Also people talked about changing the 2009 shifter internals with assembly EC-CE110 to
    get the firmer shift.

    I can tell you know that today I have heard directly from campagnolo that nothing has been changed. Soft shifting remains as it is.

    Is there anybody with other experiences ??:

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    Apparently, the info from Campy varies depending on who you talk to. Others report conflicting info from Campy USA. It's sad that those guys can't take a new lever apart and compare the old to the new. One poster was told that the spring pressure was increased by adding one more diaphragm spring. That would be a poor solution, since it's the detents that are different.

    Sorry I can't help - I converted my 10 speed Centaur right shifter to 11 speed.

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