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    Old bike with tight derailer.

    Im fixing up this old bike and the front derailer is extreamly hard to change when tightinging. Loosening it seems fine. Why could this be?

    I tried oiling the derailer with no luck.

    The cable follows the bottom tube... the fits in a groove which directs it up towards teh front derailer... is that a source of friction?

    I just put on new cabling.

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    Disconnect the cable from the derailleur and test to see if the derailleur is tight or the cable or maybe the shifter.


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    At least once a day - I get to paste this Copy & Paste regards front-derailleurs. Feel free to copy this. I wrote it, and won't sue:
    ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________

    Take the cable off the FD. Now install it from scratch as per Park Tool Repair:

    And BicycleTutor:

    When you have it properly trimmed and are ready for the cable - a new one wouldn't hurt - you want to pull the cable taut - not too tight, taut. Then apply 48 to 60 inch-pounds to the pinch-bolt. Then put it through it's paces.

    It's always easier and faster to install a FD from square-one, than it is to make adjustments with it already attached. This tends to fix one thing - while throwing another out of kilter. Start fresh. You'll get it.

    Adding an inline barrel-adjuster can solve many problems with the cable coming loose - or being too tight.

    Barrel Adjusters:
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