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    Shimano 105 STI Shifter "Click Adjustment"???

    My front shifter is increasing the number of "allowable" clicks. When I first picked up the bike, there were two clicks, plus trim on both sides. Now there are either 3 or 4 clicks. As I move from the large chain ring to the small, it takes 2 clicks to move the chain, each click moves the chain slightly (this is not the trim movement I used to have before) Then once in the small sprocket, there is one more click that can happen but it doesn't actually move the derailleur. When I move back up, it usually takes 3-4 clicks to move the chain.

    Bike is less than 1 year old, any thoughts on what I need to adjust? Perhaps the cable has just stretched? The upper and lower limits are adjusted well, the cable has no trouble moving in the housing.

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    My guess is that your shifter is a double/triple shifter and now that it and the rest of the shifting system has broken in a bit, your cable has loosened to the point where the original throw from the shifter no longer reaches the big ring. You are still getting into the big ring by using the clicks normally reserved for a triple crank. If everything worked fine originally, I'd suggest shifting into your smallest chainring by clicking the shifter until it won't click any more. Now see how taut the derailler cable is. If it feels quite tight, something else is going on. If it's loose, use the barrel adjuster (assuming you have one) to tension the cable until one full throw of the left shifter moves the chain from the little ring to the big ring. Verify that you have clearance when using the big chainring/little cog combo. If not, check that the derailler can be moved out further (if not, you need to adjust your high limit screw) then add more tension until you have clearance. Verify that you have not added too much tension by trying the little/big combo. Too much tension can result in the front derailler not moving inward enough to contact the low limit screw.

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