Much of this is mainly asthetics that I am questioning, as searching the forums has provided answers to my other questions.

I have an older lugged Trek bike, full 531 frame with sport-touring geometry (if you will) that I am having canti-bosses brazed onto the back. I have already purchased a Surly CrossCheck 1" threadless fork to use on the front, as well as set of NOS Shimano XT canti's off eBay that will be used with Onza chill pills .

The frame has plenty of tire clearance and rides wonderfully. However, since I am getting a threadless fork I need a new headset. I have always wanted a King, but never gotten around to finding the money or need for one. Not that that should stop me now, I still can't justify one, but I would really like it nonetheless.

So question A: Get the King headset? Or go with an FSA Orbit X (looks the same, almost the same bearings) for approximately $80 less?

Question A & 1/2: Since I am getting a new headset, regardless, should I go with a black or silver one? The fork will black, frame is staying the color it is now.

Question B: I have an 1 1/8" stem on there now with a Profile quill adapter. I have added a picture of why I want to keep that stem. I know I can get a shim for the stem, but what is the proper protocol for spacers? 1", 1 1/8" ?

Question B & 1/2: Anyone know where to get a good cable stop/hanger for a threadless steerer in 1", or 1 1/8" as may be needed?

Question J: How do I post the pics in the text?

Thanks for your help and input,