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    Anybody know where I can buy white aerolites individually?

    I'm building a set of wheels, and looking for a place that sells white aerolites individually. I found some at, but they don't have one of the lengths I need - they have the other two though.

    I'm looking for the following:

    281mm - 4
    291mm - 2
    292mm - 2

    Or, if any of you fine gents happen to have any of these you'd be willing to part with for a reasonable price for the cause of a little extra bling on my new wheelset, shoot me an email - I use google's mail service, masont@ (and I don't like spam)

    They'll be going with 240s hubs, rr-415 rims, and black aerolite spokes - I'm just looking for a couple white spokes to have two next to each other on either side of either wheel to make it look a little prettier.

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    These guys have 280, 282,290,292mm spokes and sell individually I believe. You will be fine will a 1mm difference in spoke length from what is ideal. I hope you are matching these to other Aerolite spokes as mixing spoke models/manufacturers is not a good idea.

    PS- Id go up 1 mm rather than down. IE get 4 each of 182 and 192mm

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