While awaiting the arrival of my new '04 Bianchi Axis, I went to my LBS to take care of something on another bike and took a gander at the 44cm they had in stock. On these frames (44 and 49cm only) it's my understanding that instead of welding a cable stop to the seatstay bridge for the rear brake cable, they instead route the rear brake cable through a cable guide that is attached to the seatpost. People have voiced concerns about the rear cantilever brakes pulling to one side, because when the cable exits this cable guide it is not exactly centered. It looks like this cable guide is removable. On the top tube the deralleur cables look they're routed the same as the larger frames, although there appears to be one empty cable stop near the seatpost on the top-tube, which would normally be used for the rear brake on the larger frame sizes (52cm and above). I'm wondering if I can use a bracket, such as DiaCompe BR1235, which mounts to the center of the seat-binder bolt, instead of this seatpost cable guide. This way I'd be able to route the rear brake cable more like the larger frames and use that third cable stop on the seat tube. Anyone else have experience with this? Would this help avoid the rear brake from pulling to one side, etc...? Also, does anyone know if the 49cm Axis sports the same seatpost pulley system for the front derailleur as the larger frames?