I just wanted to thank all of the people on this list for sharing their knowledge on the various problems we all encounter with our bikes. I was breaking spokes left and right, and a quick search of the forums gave me most of the knowledge I needed to correct the problems. I now know that if you are a Clydesdale like me, YOU NEED TO BUY HIGH QUALITY WHEELS. The stock ones I had on my GT avalanche just did not cut it. I purchased Rhynolite 6000 series 559 x 29.5 wheels with deore XT hubs, and after 100 miles, no loose spokes, no broken spokes, no problems at all. If you are a big guy like me, upgrading at least the rear wheel is a must. My commute and weekend rides have been much more enjoyable without worrying about the potato chips I used to be riding on. Thanks again to those willing to share their knowledge.