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    Assembling a new SS with an EBB

    Hello BF Mechanics,

    This is my first time assembling a bike. It is a rigid SS 29er with an EBB. It came with the BB installed, the headset cups installed and the wheels laced. The rest, I get to put together

    I have been reading the Park Tool BBB and refer to their website.

    BF, do you have any general tips, rules of thumb, caveats, etc. about assembling a new SS?

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    yeah, make sure you grease any threaded parts before you screw them together. In fact lube or grease any metal on metal contacts that you dont plan to adjust much once you get the bike dialed in. This will prevent any issues down the road if you want to upgrade or replace things.

    Have fun.

    edit- if you are using an eccentric BB try to keep the crank/spindle as high in the shell as you can and still maintain good chain tension. This will allow for slightly more ground clearance going over stumps, logs, rocks etc.

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