I have a cf frame w/ a little riveted on "braze on" tab with an ultegra fd-6500.

With the front derailleur lowered all the way to the bottom of the frame's braze-on mount, I was barely able to get away with a 50 tooth big ring.

I'm gonna install a 34x46. I'm wondering if the two different bolt positions of the SRAM Force FD will allow it to reach lower to be close enough to a 46 tooth big ring, given my braze-on's rather stingy preference for 52/53 tooth big rings, at least with the Ultegra 9/2 speed fd-6500.

Does anyone know of a high quality (prefer DA level of quality) braze-on FD that could absorb the huge gap between the braze-on and the top of the miniscule 46 tooth chainring?

Next question - it's impossible for any given brand's front derailleur to not work with ultegra 9/2 speed sti double, right? I mean obviously getting the der installed and adjusted in relations to the cranks is far more important than what kind of shifter I'm using, right? Since there's only an up and a down position set by set screws, it's gotta work, right?

Also, if I can't find some kind of wierdo braze-on FD that can stretch really low, I'm just gonna drill out the rivets on this "braze-on" mount to my cf frame and take it off, apply epoxy liberally, and maybe wrap an aluminum shim around the downtube over the holes/clamp area, but I'm gonna convert it to clamp-on FD one way or another, any advice appreciated.