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    My first Free Wheel Build.

    So I recently bought an old Raleigh Super Course frame (No Forks) and a couple of Velocity Deep V rims. I am looking to build a Single Speed commuter bike but I have no idea where to begin. Basically Im looking for suggestions. Here is the list of thing I think I will need:
    Hubs x2 for Wheels - I have no idea where to start with these. I guess I want something that will not need to be replaced, something that works well, and something that is relatively cheap (definitely under 100$ each).
    New Fork - I would like to find another Raleigh Super Course fork I suppose, but I dont know anything about what will/will not fit. Is it safe to assume that any Raleigh fork will fit? The frame has a 62.5cm seat tube, not sure if that will affect things or not.
    Bottom Bracket - Not sure if I do need one of these actually, there is currently a crank-set which I would like to replace but it spins just fine so I guess maybe I should keep the cartridge (Part with the bearings)
    Crank Set - Not sure where to start here either. I suppose I should look up arm lengths but any tips on, once again, a cheap and sturdy crank set.
    Back Cog(?) - Free wheel Cog (No clue on this area, I assume it ties in with my Hubs and tires?)
    Seat Post, Saddle, Stem, and Handlebars - Not too worried in this department.
    Brakes - Whats the deal with the front break only? Is a free wheel w/back brake a nono or what? I would much rather have a back brake than a front brake but whatever. : I guess I need a well made brake setup, but once again I want the median of cheap and top of the line.
    Guess that about sums up my knowledge of what I am going to need, sorry for the layman's terms. I absolutely love and appreciate the help in advance! I look forward to reading and building with you guys.

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