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Thread: Broken Hub?

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    Broken Hub?

    Was riding my beater a couple weeks ago. Was at a standstill, and then went to startup with some reasonable force on the pedal and - SNAP - and suddenly the crank is spinning forward freely. The ratcheting mechanism in/on the hub broke. Took the cassette off today to confirm. It's an old old hub, that was laced onto a decent rim but that too is probably 8 years old now.

    The bike is an old Trek rigid MTB - one that came with a VW Jetta way back around 1994/96 timeframe. Bought it from my buddy, used it on the roads and trails for years. Had to replace the fork last year and built it back up as sort of a flat bar cruiser 1x7 to ride around with the kids.

    What's my best option to get this thing rolling again? Can I get a reasonably cheap hub and have it laced up (I prob wont' do this myself). Or am I better off just getting a whole new wheel? Again, this is a beater, so not looking to spend big $.

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    What is the hub? Is the freeHUB repalceable? You can find pre-built wheels for much cheaper than a handbuilt one. The pre-built ones may need some touch up, tension and true wise but a good shop should do this before selling it to you anyways. For example a shimano LX hub on a decent sun rim 26" will be about ~$100. Less if online.
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    Well, after reading a bit, I'm' thinking I can replace the body (not sure if that's the right term) -- the SB article, so it seems pretty straightforward.
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