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    Heavy spot on new Shimano R500 front wheel.

    Edit: Just discovered that heavy spot has moved after wheel sat for awhile--now figure it's the slime in the tube--can't trust that slime!

    Brand new wheel. Just greased, adjusted bearings, mounted tire and tube.

    When wheel is spun, pronounced heavy spot is observed almost directly across from valve stem.

    Because of "coincidental" placement across from stem, I figure this must be the rim joint, which would be heavier.

    However, this spot is so heavy that it takes the valve stem, the spoke magnet, and 5 wooden clothespins clamped onto the spokes directly across from the heavy spot to counterbalance it.

    I've never before noticed this heavy a deviation in wheel weight distribution. Is the wheel (rim) defective? Is it likely to have problems down the line?

    Thanks for your help.

    Edit: brand new tire (Michelin Erilium 2 Kevlar) and brand new tube (Slime Smart Tube). I realize that one or both of them could be the problem, but because the heavy spot is directly across from the stem hole . . .I will disrobe the rim and compare weights again if this sounds very abnormal to you gents.
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