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    Campagnolo Xenon Rear Derailleur Snap/crack/failure - Broken Arm

    Hi all,

    I've read the forums for a number of years and now signed up! However it's with a bit of bad news. I have a Wilier Escape with a campagnolo Xenon Groupset. Yesterday my girlfriend was riding the bike, on flat road, in a middle gear, barely moving and the rear derailleur snapped off, went straight into the wheel throwing her onto the road. Thankfully she wasn't going that fast but she did break her arm :-(

    On closer inspection it is made out of plastic, and pretty thin at that. I though it was brushed metal. I'm pretty appalled that it happened as the bike is 8 months old. Then I read this:

    dennis walton
    Reviewed: 31 December 2003



    weak design

    mine snapped after 8 months and 1500 miles the design has got a weak spot if you look at the rest af the campog range you see it a mile away"

    dennis walton
    Reviewed: 31 December 2003


    run smooth

    made weakly

    i have had this on m bike for 8 months done 1500 miles then it snapped on closer inspection i noticed that they thined out the material near the top making a weak spot deeply disapointed now looking at a veloce"

    Now I've checked this and he is correct. Also Campagnolo are phasing out Xenon (I think).

    Has anyone else had shifting problems with Campagnolo Xenon? Or Breaks?

    I also have a Campagnolo Veloce groupset bike and the difference is startling. The shifting is much more accurate and just "clicks in". I found the Xenon shifting to be imprecise.

    If anyone has any issues please let me know as this is quite dangerous.

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