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    Need compatible front derailleur, for Shimano Sora FD-3304 Brazed-on

    I have been unable to find a FD-3304-A Brazed-on derailleur for my Scott speedster 50.
    I can't use the FD-3304 as the bracket size is 31.8 mm and I require a 34.9 mm bracket.
    I have a tripple gear in the front 52-42-30 teeth and an 8 speen in the back. The shifters are part of the brakes.

    It looks like I may be able to use a FD-R443A brazed-on. However I can't find one and it is for the staright handle bar shifters. Not sure if this will work. I have found a FD-4403 tripple gear brazed-on, however it is a 9 speed.

    Does anybody know if this will work with an 8 speed? what is the difference? What other replacement derailleur will work?



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    You need a road derailler meant for STI shifters. The flatbar R443 derailler will not work with your shifters. Your best bet for finding an 8 speed front derailler would be Ebay. Failing that, using a 9 speed front derailler will at worst result in some extra chain rub (from the narrower cage) which could be easily resolved by using a 9 speed chain.

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