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    Front derailleur problems on '91 C Record

    I recently started upgrading the 1993 7 speed Shimano 105 components on my steel LeMond frame with 1990-1993 Campy C Record components. The most recent addition was the purchase of the c record crank set, front derailleur, and a modern campy veloce sealed bottom bracket 111mm. Keep in mind that it is being used with a shimano 105 hub and 7 speed cassette.

    The front derailleur is set so that it is aligned parallel with the cranks, and from the top view lines up with the outer ring while in the innermost position. I cannot get it into the three largest cogs in the back while in the front smaller chainring, without light rubbing of the chain against the The derailleur is adjusted as far inward as it can go.

    The other thing I've observed is that the gap of the cranks to the BB is different on each side, on the crank side it is about 2mm while on the other it is about 4mm.

    Do I need a different bottom bracket (symmetrical vs. assymetrical) or will the derailleur clearance issues be fixed once I get the campy c record rear hub and 8speed cassette?
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