Iím helping a young woman retrofit/renovate my Momís 1975 Peugeot mixte. This will be a city-bike-type rebuild, so no racing nor mountain climbing is presumed.

She needs a suggestion on new single crankset. Sheís on a budget, naturally, so thatís up front.

Sheís small, about 5í2Ē Ė 5í3Ē, so Iím not sure if shorter crank arms should be suggested. Say, 165 rather than the standard 170?

Tooth count. If sheís going single in front and only a 5 or 6-speed freewheel (due to the limits of the old frame and original French hub), should she go 42, 46, or what?

Once the right crankset is found, she can order a bottom bracket with the right spindle length to match. If the crankset suggestions come with known spindle requirements, do please suggest that, too.

For the BB, Iím suggesting the Velo Orange French threaded cartridge BB set. Axle or spindle length will depend on the crank, of course.

A good (sturdy, wide range, inexpensive) RD suggestion for her would also be really appreciated.

Thank you.