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    brake pads and shoes.....quick question on what works with what pads are completely shot on my road bike. Harder than stone. I have an old 88 bianchi. The front and rear calipers are Diacompe Alpha 5000 series or X 5000. Its not an x but the roman symbol for alpha.


    the diacompe shoes have what appears to be press fit rubber replacable shoes. I can get the old shoes to slide out if i realy work at it.

    My question pads and shoes as a combo run $20. Pads are alot cheaper. Could i just get some pads and swap them into these shoes? These shoes are also orginal diacompe shoes which would be nice to keep with the brakeset.

    If not.....and i have a feeling most are going to say to scrap them just due to the safety factor.....would you recommend the KoolStops or the Jagwires? Ive been looking at the jagwire sleek pro road lite brake shoes but they make alot of flavors of that pad/shoe combo. Im sure im looking for shimano compatible which narrows it down a bunch.

    im looking at these

    I know the sleek road pro jagwire stuff got good reviews on .....


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    If your old holders are for the big square'ish blocky pads then I'd have to say that these would add a nice look to the bike unless staying vintage is a key thing for you. Also finding new replacement pads for these shoes would be far, far easier since these Jagwire shoes are the current Shimano compatible shape.
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