Very much a newbie here. On the advice of my bike shop I have just replaced 105 cassette and chain on my Specialized Roubaix (triple) with new 105 cassette and chain. The old had several thousand miles on it, the chain was pretty stretched. The bike is three years old. Now when pedaling there is a constant bright annoying "ting" sound with each rotation of the cranks. The sound is almost perfectly timed to the cranks regardless of gear or chain ring used.....I say almost perfect because sometimes the timing of the sound advances or is ******** relative to the cranks. If there is no load, with the bike on the bike stand for instance, there is no sound. The cranks have to be moving under normal stride pressure. If there is a lot of pressure, like a sprint up a hill, the sound also goes away. The teeth on the chain rings are fine, very clean. I can't figure out what it is. Any advice? Is the chain positioned wrongly on the chain rings? Should I wait 500 miles and see if it settles out? I am worried I might damage something.

I will be going back to my shop to talk to them, I just need to be educated before I get there. Thank you so much.