Hi guys,

I am a week away from a new road bike (Cervelo or Quota). I have a nutty plan.

A little background: I have an '06 Trek 1000 (sora 8sp shifters with Tiagra 9sp Rear der, Sram8 spd cassette). Also Have a Surly LHT. (9spd bar-end shifters, Deore XT rear, 9sp cassette.

Goal #1: Make a the Trek a TRI specific bike. (Profile T2 Aero bars, bar-end shifters and bull horns.) Yes it would be an abortion, but a money saver and it would satisfy my need to work on bikes. I just did the Philly TRI on the Trek and did fairly well. I upgraded tires, calipers and wheels also clip-on Areobars. (finished the bike 520 out of 2000 in my first TRI)

Goal #2: Put Sora brifters on the Surly. (I don't care for the bar-cons when commuting)

Question: I don�t think I can I just switch out the shifters. The right Sora shifter might have to be replaced with the newer 9spd model in order to work on the Surly. I should be able to put the 9spd bar-ends from the Surly on the Trek though. Right?

For the record: My current Sora shifters are great. They are accurate, reliable and with the thumb button, would be perfect on a touring bike.

I think if I did a straight up switch, I would loose a gear on the Surly.

Clear as mud?