Just bought a set of microshift 9speed shifters to convert my flatbar to dropbar. The FD is a shimano r443 which i've read confusing things about regarding whether it's a road FD or a MTB FD or some kind of flat bar specific FD.

The bike has 30/42/52 up front and the left brifter says its a double but there are 3 "clicks" in it. The first click seems to be very small as if it's there for trimmning purposes. What i'm ultimately wondering is if I put on a true "road triple" FD if I just might get this sucker to work or am I totally SOL and need to get a triple left.

I know that not many people have experience with the Microshift stuff but it's shimano compatible. Does shimano (or any of the other suppliers) have double and triple specific indexed shifters and has anyone succesfully gotten a double shifter to work with a road triple?

Seems one resource i came across says that the road triple FD travels a lot farther per pull so it would work okay. unfortunately i don't have one to try out and I'm trying to avoid buying one if it's not oging to help.