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    Dura Ace 7900 chain / chainring noise

    I previously posted re noise with the new, improved, quieter Dura Ace drive train. I have 50 / 34 chainrings and 12 / 27 cassette. The 7900 chain is installed correctly without the original "master link" and I have no front derailleur contact in any chainring / rear cog combination and the chainline measures out to be as specified by Shimano. What I do have in the 50T front and 21,24, and 27T rear combination; yes crosschaining, is chain / chainring noise . It appers that the 7900 chain sideplates are contacting the sides of the chainring teeth at the top and bottom causing an annoying "rattle"Noise is more prominent as crank rpm increases. Is this common on new improved 7900 series as I have exactly the same chainring / cassette in 7800 series with no noise, even in these crosschain combinations. Any suggestions? Thanks

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    I have a 7900 equipped bike and the issue is the same - it is a much noisier drivetrain EVEN with proper lubrication. Haven't had time to fully investigate this issue yet, but different lube doesn't make any difference. Purple extreme, triflow, Pedros - no difference.

    Brand new 7900 with a standard crankset and a 12-25 I believe.
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