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    Hesitation on upshift + rubbing FD

    So I was doing a bit of cleaning today and tightening of bolts, and by accident, I loosened the FD cable instead of tightening it (oops!).

    So after spending about an hour and a half working with the FD, I finally got it to shift right.

    Now my RD is kind of messed up. I have a 9-speed cassette and upshifting (going from a larger cog to smaller) hesitates. And has massive hesitation on the 12 and 11 cog. I loosened the cable (via adjuster) and it didn't seem to help.

    Also, like before, when on the 50x26 or the 34x11, rubbing occurs on the FD. No other combination does this.

    Tiagra shifters/FD 105 rear. Whole bike is around 250 miles new

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    Full front and rear adjustment. Do not attempt to adjust rear shifting before making sure the hanger is straight. Do not skip repair steps or diagnosing problems with shifting will be futile.
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