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    Front shock damage?

    I recently bought my friend's old Giand NRS XTC 2 mountain bike that had been hanging in his parents' garage for about 6 years. I just had it in the shop for a tuneup last week and had it out on the trails for the second time since. After about half a mile, I noticed some funny noises coming from the fork whenever I rode over a bump or came down hard on it. At first I thought it sounded like something was loose and rattling around so I stopped and checked the brake and rotor and made sure the wheel was on tightly. Everything seemed to be in good shape so I rode on. By the end of the ride, the noise had gotten significantly worse and I could even feel the rattling in the handlebars. As I was about to load it on the car and go home, I tried putting my weight entirely on the front, compressing the shock as far as I could. As it went down, it let out sort of a "crunch" at a certain point, then made the sound again as I let it back up. I tried this again and again and produced the same result every time. Does anyone know what's wrong with my bike? Can it be fixed? Should I start shopping for a new fork?

    By the way, it's a Rockshox Judy XC.


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    I can't tell you what is loose or broken in it but a simple google for "rockshox judy xc manual" turned this up;

    The odd noises says that it's obviously not happy and that it's time to pull it apart and see what's wrong inside. The manual link will aid you in doing this.

    It's typically going to be cheaper to service the forks you have than to buy new ones. But if it turns out that Rockshox doesn't have what you need then it'll be time to go shopping.
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