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    Swapping internal of 6 spd downtube shifter with 9 spd bar end shifter

    Need help, my rear wheel is the old uniglide 6 speed hub and it is perfectly good wheel and cassette is still new. There is no opportunity of changing the hub to install 9 spd cassette. I am not interested in buying new wheel.

    But I want indexed 6 spd. shifts on the 9 spd. bar ends which I currently run in friction mode. It would be nice not to adjust on hilly climbs. I don't think there is such a thing as 6 spd. bar end shifter.

    Can I easily (compatible) swap the internals of the 6 spd. indexing mechanism to the 9 spd. bar end so I can have the indexing of the 6 spd. rear shifts? Thanks!
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    Without make/model numbers who knows. But chances are that No, you won't be able to swap internals. And indexing was way over-rated on 6s anyway, 9s and 10s, not so much.
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