(Apologies to the mods if they feel this needs to be in the WTB section, I think that this part would be more easily located amongst a mechanic's antique shelf than someone's "to be sold" pile.)

So, there it is, the wonderful Cyclone GT (aka 1800). It's a lovely thing, but you'll notice mine is missing something rather important: The bolt to mount it on the bike.

Due to a combination of my stupidity... and mostly just that, it's now rolling on the floor of one FedEx truck or another, while the rest of the bike lay in my hands.

So, I'm appealing to the rest of you: Does anyone have one of these, or the bolt lying around? I assume it's important to state that the bike is a Japanese frame from the same era, and has dropouts labeled "Suntour GS."

Edit: I don't think this is a GT RD, but the bolt in the bottom right should be similar: Link