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Thread: new parts help

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    new parts help

    im upgrading and old bike(85 peugeot) and i need a new bottom bracket and chainset so i would like to know what parts you think would be best on a budget(i dont know yet if its a french b.b. yet but hopefully shoulnt be) i intend to use the bike for fitness and maybe a few charity cycles so nothing major. i would like to get good mid range stuff for a 6 speed bike
    any help is greatly appreciated

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    "Upgrading" and "budget" rarely go hand in hand for long, so from that perspective it's probably best to limit your replacements to only those parts that are actually worn out. Apart from that there's usually hard to beat Shimano when it comes to value-for-money for utility riding. Nothing wrong with square taper either. and for instance should have something decent to offer, once you'e determined what bb you need.

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