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    Shimano Centerloc Disc LOCKRING

    Heyas - apologies if I missed any similar posts in my forum search, but here goes:

    I have looked online and at local bike shops and cannot find a lockring for the Shimano center lock disc system, without actually buying a shimano rotor (that includes the lockring).

    I built up a rear wheel on an Alfine hub and have purchased a 185mm Avid G3 Centerloc rotor (using BB7 calipers), and neither the hub nor the rotor included the lockring.

    A local shop gave me an old cassette lockring, which I will try when I get home, but I do not think the flange is large enough (the disc lockrings have a pretty wide flange area).

    Any tips or similar experiences here?


    Found it at Jenson:
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