I have a son that goes to a christian based youth program. The director and I have decieded to start a 4 week long bike mechanics/ share program starting next monday. Each session will be about 1 hour long dealing with the safety of the bike focusing on mechanics and rideing style. The majority of the kids are very impoverished so Im sure Ill be responsible for alot of consumables such as tires tubes and patches. Im trying to come up with a rough draft of what I want to go over and still keep their attention. They will be working on their own bikes.
So far I want to cover bearings and adjustments, checking for bent and broken frames, tire repair and proper greasing....thats basically lesson one. Hopefully once they get their hands dirty we can move onto safe and responsible rideing.
Im curious if anyone else has any experience in this area or even ideas of what should be covered. Any input would be appreciated.