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    Bending Frogleggs

    I have also posted this in the Cyclocross forum (it is a cyclocross situation) but mechanics tend to know best:

    I changed the stock pads on a pair of Empella Frogleggs (rear wheel) for a pair of Kool-stops and they are seriously in need of some toe-in. They would be at the perfect angle--if I was riding backwards.

    I've tried bending the brake arm with a wrench clamped on the big pad fixing nut and bolt, and it bends readily enough then springs back. Keep bending it until it gives in? As you can imagine, it is nerve-wracking bending away. I don't want to crack the thin arm of the brake or--worse--do something to the post on the frame.

    Be brave, or am I doing it wrong?

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    Ive managed with Mafac and Modolo shoes , bending them off the brake..
    and off the bike.

    theres a Tektro Plain Post brake shoe that has a screw/nut/ball socket
    connection to the holder .. consider a set of those..
    you can adjust the toe that way..

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