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    How many tubes does it take you to glue a tub?

    Im happy with the method I follow for gluing my tubs with Mastik one.

    4 road tires glued, very difficult to get off. Gluing my CX tires on now.

    Per wheel/tire, starting with whatever left-over crap is on the rim (chunks removed), it takes me about 2.5 tubes to glue on the tire

    1 tube = 2 thin layers on the rim
    almost 1 tube = 2 layers on the basetape of the tire
    a little more than .5 of a tube as the last tacky layer on the rim to put the puppy on.

    How many tube equivalents does it take you for a single tire start to finish?

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    About 1 if everything is bare clean. Less than that when the rim and/or tire already has some glue from an earlier mount.
    But I only use one base layer each surface, then a tack layer on the rim.

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