I am mechanically in charge of several junior road racers. They complain, that the disengagement of initially new Keo Max 2 pedals gets significant lighter (which they dislike) after only 1/2 year of usage (usage appr 50miles daily). It appears not to be a feature of the cleat, since it does not happen to the (same age) pedals at their track bikes (which are ridden with the same shoes and cleats), which are ridden only rarely (cleats aslo have been exchanged without alteration of the phenomenon).

The spring tension is set to max to begin with and cannot further be tightened. There is no obvious other wear for me visible comparing the road and track used pedals - that's why I assume it is the spring.
The Keo Max 2 pedal has already 2 springs as engagement connector and is the highest quality conventional pedal by Look (aside a new model with a carbon blade instead the spring) and I think should last longer than 1/2 year at such quite expensive price ($150-170).

I would like to know what the experience of others is and whether exchange springs are available or if the life expectancy under the above usage is just not more than 1/2 year?