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    Q on Newer Model Coaster Brakes

    I was wondering if its ok to put the anti-rotation washer on the inside rather then the outside of the drop out (see pic)? I just built up a bike with a Shimano Nexus 3speed coaster brake hub, and the spacing on the bike is 130mm, and the hub is (I believe) 125mm. I put some washers on the drive side, and was wondering if instead of adding washers to other side I could use the anti-rotation washer.
    I remember reading somewhere that it would still work, but I just wanted to hear some other opinions on it.


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    There is No reaction strut to go around the chainstay?, It must be missing ..
    braking exerts too much force for an anti rotation washer.
    they are only good for internal torques of IG hubs , not Coaster brakes , and Braking Forces.

    if you still have the chainstay brace in place, then if the chainline requires the washer shoulder inside rather than outside so be it ..

    bear in mind where the chainring is, and lay a yardstick across the chainring,
    the rear wheel cog should be in the same plane as the chainring ..
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