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Thread: Home Made Hoods

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    Home Made Hoods

    Hi Wrench-heads,

    My first post in this area!
    It may be familiar....

    I will venture into the custom rubber molding field, very soon.
    I now have a decent pair of Modolo 919s to use as masters.
    My intention is to make quality replacements for my worn out gummies.

    I know there are or have been others who have tried this, and succeeded!

    In the interest of serving the vintage rider, I'd like to make more than a few, while I'm at it. Problem is, I've never made rubber molds.

    Please, if there is anyone out here who has had success at this, can you advise?

    Or if your attempt was an utter failure, your experiences may be valuable!

    This can be a co-op deal, I hope I don't have to go it all alone.

    Thanks, Folks!

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    The rubber molds have to be made in metal .. a tool and die maker is what you need..

    I'd hurry as those guys are aging fast, not being replaced since 'making things' is offshore now..

    Doesn't Modolo In Italy still have their original Dies?

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