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    Oiling Manitou Magnums

    I have a pair of 2001 Magnums on my mountain bike, and would like some help lubricating them.
    Admittedly, I have not serviced the forks since I bought the bike new in 2002.
    I took the cap off the top of the right fork, as suggested in the PDF owners manual that I found online, and noticed that there was no oil visible. The owner's manual suggests 5W fork oil for my weight (150).
    Can I use 5W20 motor oil? That's all I have right now.
    Does oil go in both forks?
    How do I get the oil in the left (spring) fork?
    What are the "microlube" ports on the backs of the shocks?
    Is the only other adjustment the rebound adjuster which is the cap on the top of the left fork?
    The owner's manual suggests torquing both caps down to 50 lbs/inch. Is this critical?
    Finally, is elastomer replacement difficult? I read a post here on B.F. where it sounded complicated. Manitou does not have any elstomers available for this fork, anyway.
    I'm going to be upgrading to the Drake next month, but until I do I just want to have enough oil in these forks.

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    For elastomers do a search for Magnum on the top of the following page:

    The microlube port is where you grease the bushings.

    It doesn't look like you have to put oil in the left leg.

    Left leg is for compression.

    Right leg is for compression & rebound.

    Elastomer replacement probably won't difficult if you're mechanically minded and take your time.

    You should probably use proper suspension oil rather then motor oil, motorbike shops will sell it.

    Torquing the top caps probably isn't too important as long as they're tightened firmly but not too much, they look to have plenty of thread so I doubt that you'll strip it.

    Might be some useful info in the following manuals:

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