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    My rear hub develops play after 5 miles.

    What is the problem with my rear hub??? It is a cup and cone type, Shimano 600, old one. I fixed it two days ago, then I took a small ride and today when I went out on it, I have like 2 mm play (measured at the rim). I KNOW I tightened the locknut properly and that I had absolutely no play when I did it. Is it completely worn out or am I doing something wrong??? Will it be enough with a repacking and some new grease or???

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    The first thing to do is to check the cones again and see if the locknut is still tight against the cone. My bet is that it's going to be loose. If that's the case, you have three choices: You can retighten the cone and locknut again and hope that it stays tight. You cound try putting a washer between the cone and the locknut so that the locknut will have some fresher threads to work with. If it was my bike, I'd buy a new axle.

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