Hi there
I have a 1980s 12 speed mixte I'm going to have converted to a Shimano 8 speed hub gearset. I've bought the Shimano kit including cables etc and am waiting for it to arrive.

What I need to know is, what else do I need to replace? Do I need a new chain? A new chainring? If I need a new chainring, how many teeth should the replacement chainring have? Will I therefore need new cranks or crank arms?

I'm no mechanic so any help would be appreciated. I won't be doing the conversion myself (heck, I wouldn't want to ride a bike that I'd worked on! ) but want to be able to source the parts myself to make this little bike look pretty special as well as ride like a dream.

I've put a pic of my bike below so anyone who wants to help can see the existing situation. I believe my dropouts are horizontal enough for the hub setup to work just fine.

Hope some of you can offer advice!
Kind regards