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    what size pin spanner?

    hi there

    i am building an indian roadster. most of the bits and sizes are the same as an old english roadster from the 30s.

    I've got as far as installing the BB... which i did, first time with loose bearings! I screwed the adjuster ring in with lock ring and all, but have about 5mm of play left to right.. so i'm assuming that i need to tighten the adjustment ring. i don't seem to be able to do it with my hands, and i'm a bit scared to try just using a wrench (for fear of ruining the threads). there are 4 small holes in the adjustment ring. they dont look deep enough to take a tool, but i think they must be designed to take a pin spanner.

    So, my two questions are:
    - does this sound like a believable scenario, have i got the right end of the stick, is it likely I've done anything wrong so far?
    - assuming i do need a pin spanner, which do i get? seems to suggest green... does anyone know if that'll be compatible with what i have?



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    from their text :
    Green tool - 2.9 mm diameter pins: for Bottom bracket adjustable cups
    Red tool - 2.2 mm diameter pins: for one-key release dustcaps on cranks, and freewheel adjusting cones

    perhaps you can measure the holes, in your requirement?

    test with a drill bit in the hole.

    There are adjustable pin spanners in the automotive/motorbike tool sector as well..

    though a crank arm may need come off.. for tool access clearance.
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    You most likely need the green one. Most shops have both of them on their workbenches, if you have a local shop that is cool perhaps they will let you see which which will fit so you can order the correct one.

    But to let you know...the pins on the red one are really small so if you had to guess, err to the green.


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    Collect them all! (I'm only half joking.)
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