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    Guidance on Replacement for Specialized Sequoia Shifters

    I bought a 2004 Specialized Sequoia-base model...24 speed (3 in front, 8 in back). The bike has about 1000 miles on it.

    Through an act of stupidity, I managed to kill the SHIMANO SORA, Triple flight deck compatible left shifter. The local bike shop said it would cost $240 ($180 for parts, $60 for installation) and the parts were currently unavailable.

    I don't want to spend $240 to fix the bike since it is not used often. There are some used SORA triple shifters available on ebay. How do I know if they are compatible? Is this a good idea?

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    Ebay Sora 8spd should be a drop in replacement. 9 spd would work also. You can easily install it yourself, just need a 5mm allen wrench and some
    vinyl tape to hold the handlebar wrap on when you rewrap it. in the repair section for details of adjustment, Shimano has tech
    site with install instructions as well if you drill down a ways, instructions not much different 8-9 or 10 spd. If you are hung up on Flite deck
    can't advise as to compatibility. $180 should be about the price of a pair of brifters in 8spd.

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