On Old sturmey archer hubs you could unscrew the left hand (non cog side) ball ring. Later on they were pressed in. Anyone know if the modern ones are pressed or can be unscrewed?

What i want to do is put an old sturmey FM 4 speed medium ratio internals into a modern alloy shell. I know i could get a whole hub and build it into a wheel but i am afraid of the following:


I am pretty strong so this is a real possibility, especially knowing what i can do to weak wheels... So what i am thinking is buying a modern alloy shell, removing the left hand ball ring, installing the FM one and building it into a new wheel. Any insights or suggestions are highly appreciated. I succesfully converted AW to AM but i do miss the low end.*I think that is why Sturmey made the FM and it was regarded to be the best club gear.

Thank you in advance!